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A shrine to stick-on Bindis and Gwen Stefani

Look what I just found at Topshop.  Oh happy days.  Stick on Bindis!  I was lucky enough to be hitting the primary school discos when these were so briefly in fashion, along with hair mascara and smear-on body glitter gel.  I was so much more experimental back then.

And FINALLY!  The perfect excuse for lots of gratuitous pictures of Gwen Stefani.  She was so brazen, and the only form of brazen you get nowadays is butt-naked Nicki Minaj (stop pretending you’re in a strip club).  How fantastic is Gwen?  And how fantastic are No Doubt?  (Note present tense – they’re currently writing on a new album!  Breathe.  Check their Twitter, @nodoubt.

I really, really hope punky, stick-on face accessories in the style of Gwenny are coming back in.

Here she is, in ‘Excuse Me Mr.’, sporting a bindi and those razor-thin, twenties-style eyebrows that absolutely no-one else can pull off.  Everyone else needs to put down the tweezers, because you simply don’t have Ms Stefani’s face.  It really is that simple.  Pick up a packet of bindis instead, only £5 for dazzling, re-usable fun.

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