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Taylor Made: Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds.

What, this little thing?

Taylor, you absolute FOX.

I had no idea Elizabeth Taylor was so wily, so gleaming and charming, until I watched the documentary on her jewellery.  I knew her name, I knew her face – the lilac eyes, and those famous mutated double eyelashes.  I’ve Googled her picture in the past and she reminded me of some old pictures of my Nan I found (who shared her magnificent eyebrows, I think, and that beautiful old-time glamour).

My Nan: Accessorizing with the teacup before Gaga was born.

But really – she had something.  Up until seeing the documentary, I just knew she was someone that Charlotte from Sex and the City admired.  So I assumed that she, like ‘lord-just-grant-me-a-husband’ Charlotte, was a wet blanket.

As it turns out, she’s not!  She loved to party with vodka, loved eight husbands, and loved her ice above all else.  Massive, fantastic jewels the size of your eyeball, which dangled in her décolletage and perched on her “fat little fingers” (her words, not mine).  Her hair was wildly voluminous in her autumn years (I think I could have lived with a little less Elnett), and she hung on the arms of Liza Minelli, Michael Jackson and Valentino.

Once again, black and white photography had tricked me into thinking that she was a demure person, ever-elegant and ladylike to a tee.  No, no.  She rang up movie producers to let them know she was awaiting diamonds – “Ray, I don’t think I’ve had my pressie yet!”  Then she’d wear them whilst swimming in her back yard.  What a hedonistic dreamboat.

Watch the documentary here – great education on a cultural icon (gem devourer) that I knew shamefully little about.

Looking glorious in Cleopatra (1963) and inspiration for Topshop

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