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Help my talented friend get her show to The Fringe
















There aren’t many blog posts I’d make dedicated to asking for money.  As someone who has marinated in their overdraft for the better part of their post-living-with-parents life, I know casually sending all those “Sponsor me to hike with the alpacas in Peru!” messages is a bit more of a big deal to some than others. However, there are some cases when I can make an exception, and those include when you think your friend will probably be a big shot celebrity when they’re all grown up so you want to ride on their coat-tails by supporting them from the beginning (ha! Joking [not joking]). Katherine Vince is my university buddy who I’ve watched go from strength to strength in the creative industry, both in acting and her other passions (she’s a hella good dancer).  She’s kind of like the unicorn of the graduate world – somebody with an arts degree who is actually doing something relevant to the field she studied in.  Let’s let that sink in for a second.

2218166_4883233 Along with her three talented accomplices from around the globe, she has set up The Sun Apparatus theatre company. They’re all female, all singing and dancing, and have been going for just over a year.  And now they need help. They’ve been given the chance to take their show ‘Unprescribed’ to the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  It’s a wonderful amalgamation of the best kind of adjectives – “sinister”, “funny”, “sexy” and “absurd”. They explore institutionalisation and diagnoses of the ‘abnormal’, which climaxes in a so-unexpectedly-funny-it’s-kind-of-breath-taking rendition of Jailhouse Rock. me-dana-and-sarahBut with each member living in a different corner of the globe, plus the ridiculous costs of insurance, venue hire and accommodation, they’ve been forced to turn to the kindness of friends, family and strangers to give them the leg-up they need to showcase their work up in bonny Scotland. If you have a kind heart, or a bank account that’s drying up from neglect, or would simply like to read a bit more about the show, visit their Kickstarter link below and help four twenty-something girls achieve their goal. Muchos gracias. I’D LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE SUN APPARATUS AND HELP GET THEM TO THE 2014 EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE! 2218166_4703471

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