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Customer-focused content that supports your brand’s goals. is an editorial hub I executed for B2B energy supplier, Opus Energy. It helps demonstrate their commitment to small businesses by publishing free advice and tips.

How to negotiate the perfect contract” | Brighter Business

Here’s why this company starts work at 9.06am” | Brighter Business

Get great at using social media for customer service” | Brighter Business


Selling through the medium of persuasive writing in a native setting.

Bridging the gap between innovation and the consumer” | The Telegraph

Clearing up admin can help SMEs succeed” | Business Reporter

Blog content

Creating content that lets your customers know you’re the expert and go-to in your field.

How to pack shoes for a winter break” | The Restory

How we do it: fixing three irreparable shoes” | The Restory

Party-proof this season’s top accessories” | The Restory

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