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Wannabe Hacks Debut

This has been an exciting week as I’ve finally crossed the boundary from reader to writer on one of my favourite journo websites, Wannabe Hacks.  If you’re at all interested in a career in journalism, whether you’re doing your GCSEs or have done your NCTJ,… Read More

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The Marie Claire Diaries

This is the first in a potential series of long-overdue blog posts consists of typed up, near verbatim notes from the diary I kept during my placement on the Marie Claire Features department.  They are very honest, a bit broken up, and I haven’t named anyone,… Read More

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Digital Journalism Doorway

Having just graduated from the University of Birmingham, I am ever-jealous and bitter of those remaining, and those who are just starting as freshers.  I honestly think I could do it all again, I enjoyed it that much, and I reckon I’d probably get better… Read More

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Preparing for Work Experience: A Checklist

Got some work experience coming up?  Particularly, journalistic-related work experience?  Checkiddy-check yourself before you wreck yo’self! The Dinero A good few months before hand, get to grips with your finances – really, this is an important one to look at.  Think big picture stuff first,… Read More

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Having just returned from an open features meeting run by Stylist magazine (anyone may come; anyone may pitch; post soon to follow), it seems that lately there’s been an influx of publications looking towards their readers and potential interns for new sources of original ideas. … Read More

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Ohhh, Vienna!

I’m not an especially well-travelled individual, and so when a good old friend of mine offered to let me visit her in her current-country-of-study, Austria, I was only too excited to catch up and get cultured. What.  A beautiful.  Place. I can only repeat this… Read More