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London Fashion Week: A Student Snapshot

Only, say, five rows back!


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In a dizzying and frantic whirl at the beginning of September, I somehow found myself receiving a press pass for London Fashion Week.  To say I was over the moon is an understatement – although it wasn’t until the dawning realisation that I had just two days to email over eighty PR representatives (sweet Jesus), that I thought this might be slightly too much for a lowly student journalist to handle.  However, going to Somerset House for ‘Fashion Hacks’ (sister site to ‘Wannabe Hacks’, journalism website that many of you may already know about due to their Redbrick roots) was a fantastic experience that opened my eyes to the dazzling, if intimidating, world of Fashion Week.  This is the perspective of a wannabe-fashion-hack who had a lot to learn.

Five things I took from London Fashion Week:

1)     If you’re going to London Fashion Week and have no idea what to wear – don’t make an effort.  Honestly.  There is a simple reason for this, and that is the fact that the sheer amount of competition will make you quake in your inappropriately-high wedged boots.  There is plenty of sartorial eye candy stalking around Somerset House, and by the end of the second day I realised that the best way (as a member of the ‘press’) to take in the experience is to stop worrying about the threads on your back, and start admiring the threads walking down the runway.  If you’re going along as a student journalist, blending in will give you the perfect fly-on-the-wall edge.


2)      Susie Bubble is really pretty in real life.  As in, stop and stare pretty.  We all know and love her fashion blog Style Bubble, but it wasn’t until I nearly (accidently) shoulder-barged her on the way to the toilets that I could properly appreciate her in-the-flesh beauty.  I didn’t even notice what she was wearing (some sort of blue blazer?), I was that struck down.  New, stomach churning girl crush.



3)     People are a lot nicer than you might think.  Yes, there are plenty that fit the shallow and slightly snobbish ‘fashion-daahling’ stereotype, but for every catty comment I overheard, I noticed a seriously impressive and hard-working journalist, PR representative or runner who was more than happy to help out if you were stuck.  As much as some would love to assume, not everyone at London Fashion Week was devoid of an IQ.



4)     There are no outfit rules.  None.  I (naively) assumed that there would be a fashion pecking-order; the more outrageous the outfit, the more likely it was that an individual was an editor, or a buyer, or ran a hip, radical blog with thousands of hits a week.  All too quickly it became apparent that this wasn’t the case.  In fact, it was almost embarrassing when you noticed the girl who’d precariously balanced an out-stretched, stuffed falcon on her head, was sat in the cheap-seats with the rest of the minor league journalists and ticket blaggers.  For those few days, London was brimming with wannabe street-style-snapper muses.



5)     Take a map.  Study that map.  Never let that map go.  Then, when you have somewhere to run to across the other side of London – call a taxi.  Speaking from experience, the only low point of my LFW experience was getting so horrifically lost that I completely missed a show.  It was a short leap from feeling ever-the-professional with my press pass around my neck, to sitting in a park and trying not to sob on the bench next to a strange man.  More shabby than chic, and I’ll never trust maps again.


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THIS close to Katrantzou.

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