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Digital Journalism Doorway

Having just graduated from the University of Birmingham, I am ever-jealous and bitter of those remaining, and those who are just starting as freshers.  I honestly think I could do it all again, I enjoyed it that much, and I reckon I’d probably get better… Read More

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The Graduate Hangover

I, like many others, am one of those lucky souls who grew up with the mantra ‘must go to university, must get a good job’ – drilled into me by every individual over the age of thirty.  Only now, those hypocrites (who mainly consist of… Read More

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Having just returned from an open features meeting run by Stylist magazine (anyone may come; anyone may pitch; post soon to follow), it seems that lately there’s been an influx of publications looking towards their readers and potential interns for new sources of original ideas. … Read More

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The Burlesque Graduate Interview

Originally published in Redbrick ( An interview with Rebecca Musgrove, burlesque artist and recent graduate (no nepotism involved…almost). What inspired you to go for such an unusual job?  I think it was a love of performing combined with a love of the art of Burlesque. … Read More

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Letters to your Fresher Self

Originally published in Redbrick ( Dear Fresher self, as we are approaching the end of the first semester at University, Sarah Musgrove (that’s me!) asks some older and wiser second and third years to share the lessons they’ve learnt from their Fresher experiences… “You’re going to… Read More