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The Dark Knight Rises: Review

**Some vague, non-plot-specific spoilers** HOT OFF THE PRESS!  I have just returned from the finale of the Batman trilogy, best appreciated on the big screen surrounded by excited wrapper-rustlers and ‘Oh my GOD!’ exclaimers (slightly bitter about the disturbing of the peace, but whatever).  And… Read More

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Books, Wonderful Books

I recently got given a Kindle, as a 21st birthday present.  I am IN LOVE.  As much as I adore reading real books, and having a tangible story in my hand, I can say I am a convert.  I think the way they made the… Read More

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Read Me

My first book review! First and foremost, I probably shouldn’t mention the fact that this post was written at my summer job.  On the back of some till roll.  In the cinema kiosk known as ‘the cave’ where I get paid to remain in solitary… Read More