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Crush On You!

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Which celebrity do you like – the MOST?  Someone who you’d give your left leg and the rest of your loan to spend just one day with?  It’s non-sexual, it’s completely in your head, but it’s a love stronger than Jack and Rose’s.  I conducted a small, non-scientific survey to find out who’s got your hearts a-fluttering…

Lads – who’s your guy crush?

‘Always Jude Law. He has nice feminine features as well as a masculine jaw line, his accent is adorable, and he always plays the ladies’ man in his films.’

‘Antonia Banderas. If I could talk like him in the pub I’d definitely pull. He’s got the sexiest voice of anyone on the planet.’

‘Joseph Gordon-Levitt. That guy can rock every single look, from tough guy to sensitive, and he’s stylin’ to boot. Or Grandmaster Flash.’

‘Barney Stinson from ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I have never seen anyone else get so many girls, or be so suited up.’

‘A Clint Eastwood/Harrison Ford type. Someone who would be all strong, silent and a bit grumpy, but really they’re just hiding some deep, brooding intensity…’

‘It’s a toss-up. Mark Wahlberg if I want a man’s man. Bradley Cooper does have beautiful eyes, though.’

“My man crush has to be Stephen Fry. Knowledge isn’t just power, it’s attractive. And that man is full of it.”

‘I’m not sure if my boy crushes count because I’m gay, but if I could look like another guy it would probably be Brandon Flowers from The Killers, or Cesc Febregas. HOT!’

“It has to be Johnny Depp. Or a rugby player like Lewis Moody; he’s scary as hell.’


Ladies – who’s your girl crush?

‘Emma Watson – the best Hermione imaginable, gets amazing grades and studies in America.’

‘Mila Kunis. She’s funny. And ridiculously good looking.’

‘I literally fancy Sienna Miller, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson. Sienna’s carefree, Natalie’s elegant, and Scarlett’s confident, sexy and curvy.’

‘My girl crush at the moment is Rihanna. Did you see her legs in that cut-out dress on the X-Factor? ‘Nuff said.’

‘I have an uber girl crush on Carey Mulligan. No guys seem to like her, but I don’t get it at all because her gamine crop is the ultimate in old school, ingénue, oddball glamour!’

‘My girl crush is Jessie J, because her style is awesome cool and she’s a breath of fresh air!’

‘Sue Sylvester because of her dominating attitude. Her one liners are the best thing I’ve ever heard and she inspires me to write a diary.’

‘Dianna Agron. She’s intelligent (read her blog), seems lovely in real life, and I want to be her best friend. Also, she has perfect hair. I want that too.’

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