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Gone Too Gaga? A ‘Born This Way’ Video Review

Cuddling up to Zombie Rick

Originally published in Redbrick (

“This is the manifesto of Mother Monster.”  Gaga has grown weary of her creative reigns at the Haus of Gaga, and is setting her sights on a broader target – the world.  We’re taking a step-by-step guide through the lady’s latest masterpiece:  seven minute extravaganza for “Born This Way”.

We open on a shot of a trippy, glittery unicorn from a seventies sci-fi film.  A bit more suspenseful music and, voila, Lady Gaga herself appears in a revolving cube in space.  We’re then (lucky us!) treated to several shots that can only be interpreted as a gleaming, glistening, kaleidoscopic vajayjay.  Which is quite hypnotic and pretty for a slimy, ethereal space vagina.  However, at this point, the video gets a little confusing– with Gaga monologue-ing about the “mitosis of life” and the “numbering wombs”.  Something about giving birth to Good and Evil.

Oh, and another race gets born?  A race which “bears no prejudice, no judgement, but boundless freedom.”  This seems like a clever bit of political correctness from the Head of Human Resources at the Haus of Gaga.  It’s very all-loving, no hatin’, we are all one, all I want is world peace, thank you for crowning me Miss Multiverse…personally, I wanted something a bit more hard core from Gaga.  Maybe a little edgier – she can pull off some fantastically controversial outfits, but then seems to bail a little when she pulls out a song that sounds like classic Madonna in the Desperately Seeking Susan days.

The next crucial scene for true Gaga manifesto domination is a little freak show product placement.  Cue special appearance from Rick Genest – aka ‘Zombie Boy’, covered head to toe in tattoos to make him look like a member of the undead.  After being discovered on Facebook, he is now ‘muse’ for Nicole Formichetti (creative director for Thierry Mugler) and does a little wooden dancing with Gaga.  Not one to be stood up sartorially, she whips around some massive pink hair extensions, like a zombiefied My Little Pony.  Which I actually quite like, but maybe I’ve been listening to too much Willow Smith.

Finally, some extra-skinny dancing in her unmentionables and Lady G glides off into the distance on afore mentioned glittery unicorn.  This is – in classic Lady Gaga fashion – very aesthetically pleasing, but also tiresomely confusing.  Maybe scale it down a bit next time, Stefani.

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