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The Most Beautiful Tattoos Ever


I don’t have Instagram, but I love it.  I love snooping at other people’s lives, and if other people are willing to actually go and give out the visual aids to do it, hoorah.  And while a lot of Instagram is frustrating trash, there’s the odd account which makes it all worthwhile.


Sasha Unisex is a Russian tattoo artist.  I tried to reach out to her a while ago because I wanted to write a blog post about her for  To write a post about her and her art, it would be mad not to include pictures to demonstrate just how great her pieces are. Frustratingly, but fairly, this also means that you have to get permission to just take her pictures to put on a profit-making site.

She’s a busy lady. From the sounds of it, her inbox is backed up with tattoo requests, not to mention the fact that she has no idea who I am. Sadly, I got no response to my very polite request.  But I love her tattoos so much that I wanted to write about them anyway – which means, as you’ve probably figured out already – that I’ve cheekily snatched the pictures and put them here.


If you’re reading this, Sasha – I’m sorry!  Sincerely, I am.  But they’re so beautiful, I couldn’t not share them with the millions of people who read this riveting and trend-starting blog.

I jest, of course, but I figure that seeing as my number of followers pales in comparison to even the number of likes she gets on each picture, (I’m sure) she wouldn’t mind me showing them off.  Also this is a non-profit making blog. And if you scroll to the bottom, I’ve linked to her social media, so please do check her out, everyone.  Please forgive me.


Internet copyright discrepancies aside, I’ve also got a bit of a girl crush on her. Her style is hella cool, and her haircut, and the photos that aren’t stunning tattoos and paintings are all cooler than, I can assume, anything I’d Instagram.  So that’s pretty much the complete package for a girl crush.


If I was ever to deck myself out in ink and lead a life as a salty sailor, who has a side-line career as a model for cool, indy fashion magazines, this is who I imagine I would be.  Props to you, Sasha.

sasha-unisex-compass-tattooSnoop: Sasha Unisex’s Instagram page

Follow: Sasha Unisex’s Facebook page


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