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The Winning Instagram Account

I’ve found it. It’s done. Remember last year when YouTube announced that it was finally finished accepting videos and it had chosen a winner? (Canny April Fool’s, obviously)

I feel like that situation is happening all over again, but for Instagram. If you saw my previous post, you may have realised that I have recently become enamoured with Instagram and the glorious accounts that shine through the dirge.


This particular account comes from a US-based lady by the name of Christine McConnell and combines five winning ingredients: a model, novel styling, great photography, imaginative baking and inspiring vision.

It seems hard to believe that all of this talent comes from one lady, but because I assume that nobody on Instagram would ever deceive me through their pictures, it must be the truth.  Or so help me.

First of all, look at this absolutely stunning wedding cake. You don’t even have to like weddings to see how ineffably incredible this is. And in case you did doubt her authenticity earlier, she has helpfully uploaded an action-shot of the icing (possibly the most serene picture in the history of ‘action-shots’, too).


I think the key to McConnell’s appeal is that perfect balance of the macabre and the beautiful.  Below are ravenous strawberry monsters borne from a wafflecone, and then a sugar cookie face sucker scaring the living bejezus out of her cat.

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And if you look at nothing else, see her storyboard for a less than usual date (and a picnic that must have descended from the heavens, for none of my mortal picnics have ever looked that good).


Stalk Christine McConnell’s online artistry across various media here…






N.B. I think I’ve figured out the main reason I like her. She’s a cake decorator extraordinarire, but never once uses fondant. Icing fondant, for those who don’t know, is the devil. A sickly, stretchy, cheapie looking devil. Plus,her lovely backdrop can make you want to do a bit of home remodeling yourself. Buttercream all the way.

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