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Digital Journalism Doorway

Having just graduated from the University of Birmingham, I am ever-jealous and bitter of those remaining, and those who are just starting as freshers.  I honestly think I could do it all again, I enjoyed it that much, and I reckon I’d probably get better… Read More

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JW Anderson for Topshop

The new J.W. Anderson for Topshop collection has jumped onto the Topshop website with Autumnal glory – quirky knitted jumpers, long shirt dresses and some amazing pink tortoises.  I love that this designer collaboration isn’t just a clothes range – Anderson looks like he’s had… Read More

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Preparing for Work Experience: A Checklist

Got some work experience coming up?  Particularly, journalistic-related work experience?  Checkiddy-check yourself before you wreck yo’self! The Dinero A good few months before hand, get to grips with your finances – really, this is an important one to look at.  Think big picture stuff first,… Read More

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The Dark Knight Rises: Review

**Some vague, non-plot-specific spoilers** HOT OFF THE PRESS!  I have just returned from the finale of the Batman trilogy, best appreciated on the big screen surrounded by excited wrapper-rustlers and ‘Oh my GOD!’ exclaimers (slightly bitter about the disturbing of the peace, but whatever).  And… Read More

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Mammarieus Maximus

Boobs.  What a painfully awkward thing to write about.  Rather personal – revealing your bra size is, I feel, one level away from asking a man how big his penis is.  And also often overly sexualised (I have a great friend who will happily debate… Read More

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The Graduate Hangover

I, like many others, am one of those lucky souls who grew up with the mantra ‘must go to university, must get a good job’ – drilled into me by every individual over the age of thirty.  Only now, those hypocrites (who mainly consist of… Read More