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Having just returned from an open features meeting run by Stylist magazine (anyone may come; anyone may pitch; post soon to follow), it seems that lately there’s been an influx of publications looking towards their readers and potential interns for new sources of original ideas. … Read More

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Books, Wonderful Books

I recently got given a Kindle, as a 21st birthday present.  I am IN LOVE.  As much as I adore reading real books, and having a tangible story in my hand, I can say I am a convert.  I think the way they made the… Read More

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Ohhh, Vienna!

I’m not an especially well-travelled individual, and so when a good old friend of mine offered to let me visit her in her current-country-of-study, Austria, I was only too excited to catch up and get cultured. What.  A beautiful.  Place. I can only repeat this… Read More

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The Burlesque Graduate Interview

Originally published in Redbrick ( An interview with Rebecca Musgrove, burlesque artist and recent graduate (no nepotism involved…almost). What inspired you to go for such an unusual job?  I think it was a love of performing combined with a love of the art of Burlesque. … Read More

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The Great Facebook Debate

Originally published in Redbrick ( Facebook:  Do our social lives depend on it?  A healthy debate written with the help of the lovely Eve Hynes (@enh19) Yes! (by Sarah Musgrove) HALLELUJAH.  I don’t want to exaggerate too much, but thank the stars for Facebook.  This… Read More